A journey

For all the pain and anguish
For all the stress and strain
For all the torment you went through
Where arse wipes fell like rain

Your love,
Your care,
Your sweet respect
And children from your soul
A loneliness, a shyness
A purdah a control

A kind of isolation
And a terrible abuse
The knowledge of the ancient crafte
A health providing juice

It made you ever valiant
A Torment borne of fear
With the courage of a warrioress
Exalted and sincere

One parent weak and gullible
Arrogance and conceit
Horribly infallible
Though remarkably effete

All of it
On your shoulders
All of it
Piercing through
These bastards they were bastards
Real sods in how they drew

Your wrath
Your sweet persuasion
Their insolence, their hate
Narcissistic, they were all these things
Such a wild state

Of taking fucking liberties
Of imagining that they
Had the right to take and abuse
And look the other way

Go off on their yogic jaunts
Mindful of the harm
Neglectful of your true
Anything but calm

For your passage to insanity
A henchman came along
Prepared to hold your hand awhile
To sing whatever song

And share a little of those tales of woe
And misery
The unease and the prejudice
Of trying to get free

Of collecting some idyllic thoughts
Some blissfully soothing hours
To take on board the witchery
The magic and the powers

The manna in the wilderness
The sunny side of life
To offer a pastoral symphony
To in essence much less strife

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