Their Nemesis is pairing up
With Delphin and Neptune
Storm clouds are now hovering
And it’s going to happen soon
The banging boats
The pithing rods
Are instruments of death
Medieval torture tools
For relieving us of breath

That Japan harbours monsters
The fisherman of Taiji
Brutality and selfishness
And depravity
It seems, its
what turns them on
And they won’t stop their killing spree
Until,every angels gone
Which is something the gods
Tell us
Cannot carry on

They are the higher beings
The chosen ones, for they
are the mentors of the ocean
Who help us through each day
Marvelling and wondering
Thunderstruck aghast
They save us from those perils
For in that die we are cast

Living in the moment
Perhaps it gets us through
Charging us
And inspiring us
With everything they do
They teach us and give credence to the
Evil sods at work
Who blunder through the planet
Irreverently berserk

They are the nobility
Instinctively they do
Help us to think higher thoughts
And really lead us through
For those of us who communicate
Through the realms of thought
The impertinence of the pirate class
And those that do escort

An effrontery of ignorance
A petulance of youth
The costumelious infection
Parasitically uncouth
We are left to wonder
We are left to hope
We are left to
Realise that together
We can cope

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