methyl mercury and the dolphins

The Taiji Fisherman are naive
To imagine we don’t know
The state of the Japanese Dolphin meat
Now regularly on show

Caesium and strontium
And what they imagine now is
Health providing food
Is loaded with toxic chemicals
Desensitised and crude

The cove runs red and Taiji earn
Big bucks for the cause
The torment and the murder
Taiji does not pause

It slaughters
Sells to aqua parks
Eats their flesh with ease
With relish let’s embellish
The sushi’s if you please

Under the tarps
The heavenly harps
Play out across the waves
As pods of dolphins sensitive families
All go to their graves

This vast array of cetaceans
Who suffer grief and strife
The Fukashima fisherman
Will one day lose their life

The dolphin families are languishing
Analysed and found
Mercury in huge amounts
In toxins they are drowned

They can have sashimi
Smoked dolphin
It’s a curse
It is something awful
And There can’t be a lot worse

And they serve them to their children
Tell them it’s so good
Tasty and nutritious
It’s food they know they should

polish off with gusto
The percentage though so high
Coal burning power plant toxins
That fall down from the sky

Each year they are sacrificing
the dolphins of the sea
Slaughtering the innocent
Not letting them swim free

Selling off the pretty ones
Into the sea world shit
Forcing tHem into slavery
Into the vilest of pit

Selling heir souls for profit
It’s about the bottom line
They are murdering scum
Who leave me numb
And Japan can see the sign

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