Circus India a minute via Peta

Be ashamed India
Circus supposedly
Brings joy to your children
Someone once said
But not by creating a show
Born from torture
Incredible cruelty
Don’t get in bed

With any of these so called
Vile entertainers
Dire perpetrators
Who care little for
Or respect any animal
They are in charge of
Struggling on chains
Turning limbs to blood and gore

Beating the dogs
Who are thrashing before them
It’s inappropriate
Such jeopardy
They are so vulnerable
Performing like crazy
And under duress
Is just no place to be

Bull hooks that dig into hide
Drawing blood spurts
Into arthritic legs
Causing terrible pain
These willing obedient
Elephant emirs
Just facing days of this
Again and again

Just watch them swaying
The pain and aggression
Manacled, pilloried
Suppressed we can see
We can hear, we can feel
These great beasts
And How they are tortured
It doesn’t appeal

Horses and donkeys
All sorts of animals
There is no compromise
Nothing at all
It’s all just possession
They have a stranglehold
And the depression
How it’s all sold

The big top the saw dust
The cry of the cornets
The high wire the band playing
Clowns in the ring
Buckets of make believe
All of it ugly
You can feel the uneasiness
And lots of vile bling

Whimpering whining mournful
And doleful
Pathetic and pitiful
Blubbering souls
A circus a sort of gala fiesta
Each mild mannered creature
Lost to their controls

Be ashamed India
Land of the guru’s
Ashrams all over
And temples of gold
And all of this cruelty
Going on in tHe background
That is the nature of circus
I hold

Don’t send your children
Anywhere near them
It’s cruelty based
A dreary drab hole
Prosaic and pedestrian
Unlovely and shocking
Look at them rocking
Out of control

Circus is bad taste
It’s full of vulgarity
Tawdriness grossly unseemly
To pay and to see
The ringmasters evil
The smell of the grease paint
The sand in your eyes
And each animals plea

Help us survive this
By not buying tickets
By protecting your children
From what is a sin
The knock about clowns
And their dis tempered white faces
Sad caricatures
It’s all wearing thin

They are driven insane
By the sick repetition
By the, lack of freedom
And terrible food
Chained onto bars and transported
Fearful and mortal
Exceedingly crude
Intimidation beating and kicking
Slapping and shocking
Knees knocking oh dear
Circus now everywhere has to be banned

Has to be closed down
Do you understand

2 comments on “Circus India a minute via Peta

  1. matilde lordon on said:

    Well said Hope ppl understand the profound messages on your blogg Its never to late to change

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thanks Matilda thanks for being there and feeling what I am sharing and encouraging me to carry on spreading the news

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