Caged and left to the larcenous ones

A rusty cage
And scant regard
For the forest children, who
On a cobbled floor
an affront for sure
What can we lovers do

The wild ones have our constant thoughts
They really should be blessed
We are an outrage for what we do
Their spirits we depressed
On the rugged floor
What some ignore
Is what has become their test

Bottles, old food cartons
A rubbish tip we have thrown
Into their cage
In our paltry rage
Worse that many have known
Our acidic blood
What a filthy state
Dark with mucus
At a rate
Of terrible sickness seldom seen
We are the pitiless
And The obscene

Look at those poor bears
Left to rot
To drink our liquor by the pot
To pass our habits
Or go to those
Animal victims
How we pose
Such downright evil
On their head
Remorselessly it seems they are led
To walk the path of no return
With many showing no concern

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