Bless you lots

You often think
Of arse wipe one
And all the shit
This Kunt has done
You took the rap
These passed 12 years
And have cried a bucket full
Of tears
Each moment,really on your own
And all his shit
Took it alone

A women of such true esteem
A warrior who dreamed her dream
His spiteful disregard for you
Of all the vindictive things to do
A malevolent spirit
A vicious role
He stole your love
That vile arse ole

He tortured you
And let you be
The victim of his insanity

He tested every moment, he
Made you fight the indignity
Of having to beg
Of having to weep
Of having to die
Alone in your sleep

His merciless,ruthless lack of care
Of trying hard to be more aware
Retribution the need was yours
It made you mistrustful
Just because

Your heart was good
He grudgingly
Made you resentful,importantly

Whilst this has all happened
Time flew passed
Your child is now 12
The die is cast

His infancy and his childhood too
His moments of ill health
Each day through

You were his mother
and his father all through
And all that stress was placed on you

You fought his battles
You calmed his brow
His sweet autism was really how
The complexity and prescriptive grace
How you needed to just keep pace

The accountability day in day out
Alone you were
An ongoing rout

Your freedom to roam
To love and to be

Were forfeited conscientiously

You built a life
Around your son
A truancy a life undone
And all the while
You brought to bear
A disdainfulness. That would have to
On the truest side
His improbity
His worthlessness
And his laxity

A scoundrel,he
Bound up in skullduggery

But he has missed a great deal too
He has blatantly neglected you
His ungenerous, covetous,egotistical way
Saw his heinous depraved sense of decay

You sweet Claudia took it on board
The price was more than you could afford
His guilt, sank to depths untold
Whilst you my dear
You,could hold

Onto a virtuousness
A warrior true
A principled soul
Goodly all through

A dedication to a noble path
Far away from his graceless wrath

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