Ancestral roots

In the kingdom of the totem
Lies the river near the Gade
Where the rue and comfrey flourish
And a feral cat brigade
Sent forth a Viking protege
A Maine Coon grouping who
Learned their craft
In the ancient draught
As mousers tended to

Living in the forests
Amongst the tall pine trees
With long back legs for climbing
And such cures and prophecies
The Rowan sustains life
The elder and the sloe
Such magical power is with us
Now where ere we go

I live within the valley
Where the boscombe copses fly
We roam the banks where the watercress
As green as green doth lie
Brocklestone is the village
Where the red kites dart and be
Observant such illusive hunters
The warrior,faerie

Bagos is the name my mother gave
Me from her heart
I have a son his name is Bear
He’s a big boy and we start
Our journey really every day
Into the forest where
The deer the owl and tHe rabbit
Search out the bygul fair

The nectar of the ancients
The comb of yesteryear
We faeries are together
We do not ever fear
The consequence of far away
Beyond the moon’s gold sphere

I sleep upon the high chair
And gaze out out through the glass
All that fearsome traffic
That continually does pass
Mousing is a pastime
A throwback to the days
When images were behind us
In so many ways

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  1. matilde lordon on said:

    So well spoken just inspiring

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