A special dedication to Jo Phillips from the Taiji victims

Taiji creates it’s martyr’s
It’s victims and it’s tears
The roughness and the harshness
Where the bitterness appears
The adversity, the suffering, the cruelty
The sighs
The unpleasantness the offensive
As each one of us, yes! dies

Taiji creates the disgruntlement
The displeasure the disdain
With the sea us dejected souls
Struggle now in vain
The buzz, the communication
The froth and swell of life
The heartfelt chants and whistles
The rueful remorseful strife
Your posters all that energy
The waves of sentient love
All of that frustration
And creation from above
Clearly it’s deliberate
The mayhem of the soul
The effusive surf of humour
Each taking on a role

Inspiring one another
Enlivening the crowd
Motivating harmony
Helping all be proud
Consoling one another
Encouraging the weak
Energising all and sundry
Vivaciously, we seek

To empower and affirm
Our brethren
As Taiji sends it’s boats
Hunting down the innocent
The woebegone the notes
The music down the ages
Each sobering refrain
Despair aware the sharing
Dolefulness again

Jo Phillips with her I phone
Her valiant eyes and hand
Capturing the moment
She does understand
Our plight
the most unfortunate
And so close to Taiji
That dragging leaden fury
Which is in fact the sea
The treadmill of adversity
The nauseating way
The evil it comes to the fire
On what is judgement day

The ugliness of man un kind
The unsightlyness within
The hideousness of the fishermen
The clumsiness of sin
The defacement of the elegant
With each forbidding stare
The haggardness and the sullenness
Of those so unaware

Creation painted seascapes
And man created fear
Mortal trepidation and panic
Oh so clear!
Each tremor it’s so heartfelt
The intimidation, they

Spread across the ocean
They terrorise and we pay
They scare us and we are petrified
Frozen in the swim
Feeling timorous and suspicious
Clearly at the rim
Of existence, apprehensive
Concerned for family
We thrash in a cocktail of blood and brine
With failing chivalry
The cries of the cetaceans
And the The craven hearted clan
The arrogance and ignorance
Associated now with man

Thanks Jo for what is a moving tapestry
Of the overwhelming disgust we all feel

2 comments on “A special dedication to Jo Phillips from the Taiji victims

  1. Lulu Griffin-Wroe on said:

    This is truly wonderful Rex…. What a kind human you are… Wouldn’t it be a wonderful world if we had more Rex’s like you…Saw you first time at the march in January but never had chance to speak… Well you know how it is… Do hope we meet again I was the lady that gave you the Dolphin Ribbon… I am doing more… Keep in touch dear new friend…

    • Rex Tyler on said:

      Yes how sweet you are and were and that you picked me out and gave me such a pretty ribbon. Thank you kind hearts are a wonderful attribute to man and womankind x

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