A caring sub contractor is made to be otherwise

Every 30,000 chickens that’s
30,000 souls 60,000 little legs
Creation found them roles
37 days later thanks
To man unkind
And science and the chemists
What in fact we find
Is the factory farming producer
Orchestrates true life
But it isn’t pleasant music
It is ruthless ruinous strife

Manipulated to become
Grotesque in every way
The human gobbling meat brigade
They only want to pay
For lean white breasts
And so we see
These poor souls cannot be
Natural they just cannot
Use their legs unfortunately
Many are top heavy
Sadly very lame
They just fall over on the litter
Life is not fair game

The litter it is seldom cleaned
Months and months of shit
And urine and these unfortunate birds
This is where they sit
Many die they are crushed
And injured and maggots
Take their toll
And imagine how they feel about this
Would this be their goal
6 weeks in a hellish place
No sun and no fresh air
Panting over heating
How can that be fair

The producers are insensitive
They do not care at all
All they see is money
The bottom line does rule
Rape and murder
That’s their scene
Purgatory they
Are forced into this existence
Because we just won’t pay

With all the fucking layers
Of profit built in, they
Are forced into these camps of death
And cannot get away
It’s suffering from hatch to death
It’s torture all the way
And those farmers who deal in this
With their sanity they pay
They become the manipulator
The camp guards so to say
Their charges are not criminals
They are innocents who pay

And you, you so called thinking
Caring pet loving human b’s
Who want your chicken in a bucket
You can’t hear them wheeze
You can’t hear them screaming
Panting in distress
As long as the chicken is cheap
You are happy
You just don’t care a less
Some farmers though feel very sad
To have to farm this way
Because you want cheap chicken
And margins have to play
A big part in the scheme of things
And inevitably we find
The chickens suffering terribly
It does it does blow their mind

To watch this putrid ocean of feathers
Squawk and squeal laying sideways in the shit
Imagine how that does feel
Fed on fucking hormones
Dying in a few days
30,000 chicken boys
In a human squalor phase
A malaise of our own making
How wicked we have become
It’s no wonder cancer is now rife
And so many of us numb

We deny the chickens sunlight
We deny the chickens air
When we hear about the cruelty
Many do not care
The stench of piss and evil
The carnage that they bear
Enticed into our ugly world
Which is anything but fair
Litter burns on their poor legs
Imagine all that pain
Induced to grow you have to know
How that awful strain
Continues in these camps of death
The worst intentions we
The severity the persecution
Why does it have to be

Each death an atrocity
Our hearts have become hard
We are villainous spoilers
As for the camp guard
Each of us is equal to him
Our rancour and our crime
We are a bunch of racketeers
Playing with their time
We are double dealing
Betrayal is what we
Are guilty if that is for sure
It’s just treachery
Misdealing so unprincipled
Arrant and paltry

Detached and indifferent
We swindle and we wangle
It is,so insidious
Our lives are in that tangle
We really have no conscious
We’re good for nothing git’s
And how we feel and why we feel
It’s just gets on my tits

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