Poland and France play a merry old dance

hydraulic fracturing and more excuses
America retrieves
It’s loss of face
And it’s disgrace
For America believes

That to waste so much energy
Is rightfully their theme
And fracking it gives them back power
It’s the all American dream

Of being energy efficient
And who cares about our land
And the countryside all that’s denied
They fail to understand

The people and the wilderness
And the pristine forests there
They all forget the water
Which leads onto despair

Some, 5 million gallons
Of potable water, get
Pumped into the shale beds
Roll on the karmic debt

Back it comes at least 60 per cent
Of it and we
Then have to dispose of it
In some sink hole tragically

All those rotten chemicals
The frack water is bad
The price they pay for shale gas
Is truthfully now mad

Methane taints the air you breathe
Frack water taints the soil
We are fracking crazy
Making Poland’s rich blood boil

France objects of course she does
She cares for her land
She cares for her people
You lot don’t understand

Didn’t care that the corporate time machine,
Is rolling on
With its excuses and it’s abuses
Until All life is gone

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