Over the top and Away another glimpse at foie gras

A broken nose
A silver beard
Tucked around his ears
Blood shot corners to his eyes
Wet and salty tears

A triple chin
So far from thin
A pate of autumn shine
Beads of sweat
A pimply neck
And red rims
From the wine

The Chardonnay
The Beaujolais
The pure grape
So divine
The foie gras
Full of fat
Torture poison torment
What do you think of that

Those that eat this substance
This vile selfish muck
It really is appalling
Taken from the duck

His great gut like a barrel of ale
Possibly French he be
Eats vast amounts of Camembert
With lots of black coffee

Who found this ugly fellow
His grossness
Vulgar and course
Unfashionable and countrified
He of course likes eating horse

With lots of rich cream gravy
His years are definitely
Less than he might have expected
And for once I do agree

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