Mazor is closed

With people working against AR in Israel it seemed to me
Telling the world the Mauritian Macaques are not treated at all badly
That they were needed for research
The medical lot,not me
Are as brazen as the day is long
Expecting us to be

Accepting of this terror
Just because Mauritians say
These animals are really pests
And should be put away
Killed so it’s the medical mob
That helps Mauritians too
Get these monkeys off their backs
AR though won through

It is what we are best at
Ensuring animals do
Have true rights
And that our sights
Are always good and true
The people have to know the score
Nothing can be blurred
And the horrid Mazor monkey farm
And all that had occurred

It has been closed forever
And not before due time
An iSraeli millionaire
Sorted it
A place of filth and grime
They all are saved and going
To sanctuaries of peace
No biomedical experiments
From that they have release

Thank you sir for what you have done
We appreciate you more
The monkeys must be beside themselves
Of that I am very sure

2 comments on “Mazor is closed

  1. constance gotsopoulou on said:

    In salute! Many thanks for the informationand wonderful to hear some good news: )! Warmly, Constance

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thank you Constance it is good that good news happens sometimes when there is so much bad news but thanks for spotting it and being so sweet
    I do appreciate that it kind of keeps me going

    Inwould love to be a friend of yours thanks so much for asking me

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