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For most of us just contemplating BASE jumping we feel Such action is just crazy How can it be real But those who feel that spirit Know the adrenaline that’s there It’s about determination A single mindedness all share It’s … Continue reading


The Earth wears Jack Frosts ermine cloak It chills the bones as snowdrops poke They push on through tough nuts to crack Their white bells draw the coming flack The days are lengthening, how it numbs The gardeners fingers, the … Continue reading

Lobsters deserve the right to feel and be respected

the morons want to eat them Quietly in the place Protestors want to remind them This food is a damned disgrace Humanity can never Make excuses for their pain They pay the factory workers Who will one day be insane … Continue reading


A certain drabness still hangs Over the remnants of the wooden huts You can just about picture a graveyard here It kind of gets into your guts A wretched cheerless uninhabited place Of souls from years gone by A rail … Continue reading

Taiji murderers

The severity, the hardness The rigidity we see The pitilessness, the inhumanity Their very own psyche The rule of might and tyranny Look at them lounging on the dying Dolphins now sadly They have no sense of compassion It’s not … Continue reading

Drummers for dolphins

It’s not very long now This is our appeal From the Dolphins themselves Their cry that’s so real To all of you drummers Out there when you come Bring out our heartbeat In the form of your drum The Japanese … Continue reading

20/2/2015 outside the Japanese embassy

We’re coming Our souls go ahead for we know Our sisters and brothers In japan they do grow They face banging boats and the vile evil drive The dark criminality Where few will survive Such profound emotion Devotion Displayed The … Continue reading


Once queen of the jungle Abused beyond thought All her teeth stolen Her claws too he sought A third of her true size Starved of all, she Could have expected From Humanity In a mechanics workshop This angelic soul Once … Continue reading


Music makes me cry Buckets Which I’ m not ashamed To say The tears run like a river Deep down in my Liver It matters not what genre I get it all the way Nothing moves me more Than music … Continue reading

Keiko. [the lucky one]

The Japanese called him Keiko I have to ask though why how could he be lucky Be a lucky guy A wild boy fit and healthy Caught in a fishermans net Taken to an aquarium As a prisoner was set … Continue reading