Was it all worth it

What’s left
Of our lovely friend
That handsome feathered soul
That didn’t have a chance of life
Not even a role
In his own humanity
He was selfless and detached
And just because of Christmas
Of course he’s been dispatched

He was healthy looking forward
To life with all his mates
Everything he ever had
And all his noble traits
To wander out upon the grass
And peck upon the earth
Whose temple was the farmyard
The odd apple brought him worth

A well proportioned enchanting soul
A strutter one might say
A natty stylish dapper
More Magnificent each day
Who was killed so human beings
Could just once a year
Roast and eat his body
And imagine that would cheer

He was caught and murdered slowly
His agony was long
They pulled most of his feathers out
Which we all know was wrong
But he was fighting madly
He had no wish to die
They snapped his neck
And trod on him
Which made some of us cry

Unlike you human beings
Turkey’s cry we do
Turkey’s love each other
And he walked tall too
He just was not deserving of such a death
For he
Was kindly and was helpful
And was needed actually

But now his ragged carcass
Sits upon a greasy plate
In a cold damp larder
Awaiting its fate
More flesh carved this morning
Then thrust into some pot
Made into a steaming stew
That we will smell
For what
So all those fucking humans
Who consider themselves so high
And mighty can cavort and sup
His spirit with their pie

We shall those left in the pen
Remember him for we
Loved him really loved him
Though we know now where he be
Pecking underneath the rainbow bridge
In Summer land
Making new friends hopefully
Whilst we try to understand
Losing him our cherished friend
Was really too much and we
Hate this so called celebration
We hate it vehemently

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