Russet burbank emphasis on bank for the producers

Acrylamides are found in many foods
It’s said today
But they are found in potatoes
And so it just might pay
To tamper or to tinker with the
Genome and create a cleaner food
Modify it somewhat
And of course what I allude
To is this genetic strain
Will prosper and will grow
And it will need more herbicides
So it all will flow
And so of course more money
In the corporate pot
The grower gets tied into contracts
And it will cost a lot

With Acrylamide production
If they tell the public they
Will get a tasty French fry
And with their health won’t pay
Simplot died thus he won’t see
The detrimental sphere
The silenced genes for sugar
For it will become clear
These potatoes are genetic
It’s a complex world down there
Polishing up the grains on offer
That brings the new despair

It may profit the producer
And for the pesticides they
Will sell,far more herbicide
Because that is the way
It is about the profit
It is about the souls
It is about eugenics
They are taking on the roles

Establishing the maxims
It’s unmannerly in a way
They refuse to label the GMO
It’s impertinence
At play
It’s trucelent and detracting
Of honesty and care
It is a case of rudery
Which simply isn’t there

And so this large potato
Brown skinned mealy feel
Will be adequate for French fries
And of course a good deal
Chlororothalonil will still be used
And this a carcinogen too
And nothing will be labelled
So we won’t know what to do

Genetics is the way ahead
For the corporation men
They will make their killing
It’s far away from zen
It’s all about the margin
For the producer year on year
The grower will pay handsomely
And consumers too I fear

Bloc it will be
Safer for their children

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