Patterns of divinity

Is it really spiritual
When so many take
And not just take advantage
But try to be on the make
Take more than their given
The majority do these days
One thing isn’t good enough
The only way is to raise

The anti on the giver
Express the higher need
Sink your molars into them
Prove to them that greed
Treat them as a patsy
Make them really pay
Watch them bleed in agony
Tell yourself it’s okay

You got what you wanted
Who cares, about how
They feel you are the important one
By taking you empower
Yourself but in all honesty
That’s when you lost the game
You are far from powerful
Not even in the same

Ballpark, as those giving
Remember this will you
They will scrimp and save and lose out
But not as much as you
Their soul urge will be satisfied
Whilst yours will want for more
And you will lose out without knowing
Of that I am very sure

These are the divine patterns
That follow us through life
Causing us to steal a glance
And cause another strife
But in the end the loser is the taker
Every soul
Who you treated as a patsy
You have given them control

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