however old these eyes are
However old this heart
What I see and how I feel
Were like this from the start
The only thing now truthfully
Is my eyes see so clear
My heart pounds like it always has
Whenever you were near

However much I try to sleep
However much I feel
The need to breathe
And share a breath
What it does reveal
To me is that I love you
And though the years have passed
That spell has grown within my soul
When ever it was cast

It was and I have tried
To file it in a dusty drawer
But there was no where deep enough
I just could not ignore
The need to care and be with you
And help you through the stress
To comfort you To love you
And really just to bless

Everything around you draw it to my soul
However old my eyes are
You do now control
The way I am the way I feel
Each breath that I take, you
Are my life without you
There is nothing I want to do

than just be with you
For Without you I am lost
Don’t tell me to fuck off
That’s too high a cost
The labyrinth is waiting
Hold my hand a while
Let’s meet at the squirrel
It’s only about a mile

Away from where you saw me first
I know our chemistry
Is probably Not the most brilliant
But I swear
I need to be

Closer to you honestly
However old my eyes
And however old my heart is
It should come as no surprise
if I was to die tomorrow
Then the only place to be
Is with you Dear sweet Helen
For all eternity

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