iniquity and eugenics

A web of such iniquitous behaviour

stretches far and wide

it sinks into our bodies

encouraging a  downward slide


meddling with our precious genes

corrupting our pure DNA

America has spawned a great satanic

cult of scientists

who with vile eugenics they


were clearly there to save the day

to institute the tragedies

to motivate those weak who be

the scientists those people who

mostly were, all  looked up to


laboratories of the world devised

the ignorance of life we prized

they took on activists as before

those knocking hard on heaven’s door


they with their white coats and supply

of monsanto money learned to lie

it paid to lie, it paid to be

a fucking psycho actually


long term ,they could be the chosen few

in fact more fodder for the crew

but puppets strung along who would

tell us it was for our own good


a few organic people saw through

the web of blood and gore

the visionaries there are always some

who didn’t truly become that numb


the iniquitous web they wove

but who fought the bastards

and  clearly drove

a wedge or two or three or four

which the general public did still ignore


for their financial store was low

as the monsantonic stores did grow

they were printing the money

corrupting  souls

paying their bills

creating controls


controlling the media moguls

till they

said what they wanted

the papers to say


and the sheeple came forth

and baa’ed at the clouds

they were struck down by cancers

and lost in the shrouds


of evil personified now in the world

the so called politicians just more

arse’s hurled

into the great cauldron

that bubbled with blood

the blood of the innocent

how it does flood


out into the provinces

out onto the ground

here was the system now duty bound

to cut into the quick of the

numbed down  for they

would die in the melee

that we all see to today


GM the science of no real regard

for those who partake in the experiment


by their organ destruction

the graves would soon fill

eugenics was better than any new pill


food was the answer

the new atom bomb

for we pay to be slaughtered

with such keen aplomb


our basics like wheat rice and corn

would be first

yes in a sense we all have been cursed


the vile bio chemical corporates who

are now in  advanced stage of what they do

destroying us all with our reason to eat

of course we consume

and if this does unseat


such venom such evil

such terror then they

can go back and clearly

begin to say


they can be masters

they can control

they cut the threads

that were found in each soul


our DNA they pursued at a stroke

and now in our blood their evil does soak

genetic manipulation  was the way

of getting the mass populations to pay



with health and with death

may be until they

the sick psychopaths

could control all we say


they really propelled us to be

the true guinea piglets

vaccinations the key

pumping their shit into babies they tried

killing and sucking their truths from inside


injecting their squalor into every seed

filling their bodies with the darkest bead

fear, so apparent was spread near and far

it rattled some warriors

and it did scar


many who then surrendered and fell

on their swords their reward

a moment in hell


just a few took their stand

rose above parapets right across the land

they were the angels

the force of the crafte

not the arrogant set

nor the paths of the daf’t


but quietly they strove to fight back

and exclaim

and show and tell all

just who was to blame


books written films made

the movement it grew

people were waking up

beginning to chew

beginning to choke

on the stew of the sick

beginning to realize

they’d missed a trick

a new wave was coming

a sensitive few

broke through the guard

of those who would screw

the life from humanity

for their own good

which was sick and was bad

and so misunderstood

the indigenous soul

and the angels would fight

to get out of the darkness

and back into the light


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