a dead boy and a chasm of melancholy

What ever happens

to let ourselves go

into the clutches

of druggists who grow

ever so powerful

subjecting those who

look for a crutch

in the big pharma zoo


there is never a crutch

just respite that may

really imbalance

the constructive way

we all lead our lives

in the melee today

existence, these drugs

are no good for they

haul us out of the now

to a place far away



what this women’s done

is a tragedy, she

was aware what she did

though  clearly in shock

she went to the bridge

her son  like a  rock


hurtled down into the water below

“London” no more

as now we all know

just imagine that soul

damaged and lost

now having to pay

this enormous cost


the frustration

the judgement

of a mother who knew

her tether was over

what could she do


mentally out of it

looking to find

a way out of hell

into where?

was she blind?


I do not think so

a victim perhaps

with nothing to show




arn’t we all

but they turned on the taps

she was sick

she gushed and she lost it

and killed her sweet boy

who ended up dead

having used up his joy


Autism the phenomena

created by man

for his vilest quest


the pan


is being filled up with

the lost girls and boys

who cry deep inside

who  hear that sad noise


who are damaged by those

with their drugs and their nose

in the troughs of despair

where tragedy flows


most still unaware

of how this creation

affects those who care

breaks into their spirit

and begins to share


every last second

through to their demise

as people are growing

is that the surprise?


a much higher force

knows what’s going on

they may be creating

it out there upon


in the realms of the sick

emblazoned we hear

where are we going

its not very clear


I make no excuses

for anyone here

murder is murder

that much is clear


it was premeditated

she knew as she threw

but she is a victim

it does appear

the vaccinations

the medical force

they have denatured some

as a matter of course


the eugenics programmes

the GM food mob

tetra and c ell phones

the miasma

some sob


women exactly

are sensitive too the yin

and the yang

for its coming for you


so many victims

the world is awash

with victims

we’re becoming

beholden to dosh


and we don’t have the means

we are all alone

getting our shots

more so than was known














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