Monthly Archives: November 2014

Who wants to reside on a CAFO

Pigs are almost human in their makeup so much so  in human surgery pigs being so sensitive unlike human beings as mothers they are wonderful to see     to rape a sow as this rape took place last year … Continue reading

Who said its all over

  A pigeon on his shoulder a poster in his hands piles of heads and intestines someone was making plans   now for a greater holocaust as more innocent were killed their heads chopped off with bloody knives so much … Continue reading

not a bull in a china shop just a street in India

It takes a Bull on a street to wake some city dwellers up they go about their business unaware of the  cup that has now runneth over for few apparently move themselves to consider when fresh meat they  may see … Continue reading

Lamentation is it anything we can learn from

Reality is intoxication when ignorance is here such suffering a sort of on line holocaust where fear exchanges lamentation for an outpouring of belief for the painfulness of knowing the mortifying grief   this is a plague of disinllusionment an … Continue reading

The trophy hunter the victims gather around to oggle

A child may source the unexpected moment to be seen with Daddy and  his rifle clawing spirit mean the great beast lies before them both a steel ball in his brain He in his realm but not at the helm … Continue reading


The maggots fly blown souls created by the hand of one who demonstrates the need to clear the carnage that’s undone   for what we all experience here is malevolent desire to rid a being of such ill whilst creating … Continue reading

A passing spirit enters

        I lie here in this most eventful agony feeling lost and broken and in a state I have seen death with his sickle he came into my consciousness I have seen life and its nothing I … Continue reading

November hair

Van Gogh would be over the moon if he saw the wondrous extensions the aureate store burnt almond and chestnuts a cinnamon glaze sienna and ochre which, just might raise his blood pressure somewhat when he sees you a flame … Continue reading

Captivity is depravity

Melka Excelsior has a bad mark capturing dolphins its really dark energy sadly hotels shouldn’t be vying for customers so disgracefully   by attracting them into a pool with the souls teaching them I understand our controls a dolphin is … Continue reading

a plea from a lamb trying to reach its mother

Mother dearest mother why am I here today will I be gone tomorrow this green writing it does say they are wanting to kill me why me I am so small what do they want to do with me? it … Continue reading