What are they doing to our children really

Dr Peter Fletcher has retired
But he is still around
Able to think
And not be so fearful
And his thoughts
They may astound

Some but in a nutshell
The complacency he feels
Is genuine and thought out
And of course reveals

A heartfelt wish to warn us
Of the predicament today
Of vaccinations by the score
For which some seem to pay

Autism it is curious
How the number of cases grew
Alongside the MMR vaccine
Dr Wakefield said that too

It’s about certain children
And the cocktail seems to be
More to do with the sensitive ones
Well that’s if you ask me

Our planet seems to foster
A great many today
Regressive autism is growing fast
And truthfully it may

Be a lot to do with cocktails
Of varietal stuff
Inerts and live bacteria
And assorted fluff

For many it’s a nightmare
Really what to do
Between that rock and that hard
It’s a problem
It’s a view

Many have discounted by
The pharmaceutical crowd
But nonetheless important
As all these souls seem showered

With totally different problems
With skills as well but they
Are a race apart from the
Medical mob who just get in the way

And governments are not much better
There’s no real lead from them
They put in law and processes
But from where do they stem

Autism cost the state a lot
And causes anguish for
Those parents who must fight the battle
And who are never sure

It’s uphill all the way to school
From school and everywhere
Mothers really go through hell
For many are unaware

Until it’s truthfully proven
These vaccinations should
Be curtailed for the spectrum
Can’t be described as good

My ask today is try and put yourselves
With the parents who
Have an autistic member of the family
And who do

Everything they can
To gain and equal status for
But come up against those high brick walls
And every kind of flaw

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