Comforting piglets a Dutch farmers way

Gestation crates are torture chambers
Created from the minds
Of autocratic simpletons
You can see all the signs
Of total bloody arrogance
It’s an economic tool
That concentrates on balance sheets
Before the pigs
That’s all

Cram a mother into
A vile and loathsome crate
She will not be able to turn around
And she’s pregnant
And must create
A family and more stock
For Mr Farmer who will Be
Duplicating all of this
For maximum liquidity

Imagine how uncomfortable
It is to lay there, she
Will be laying in her own shit
And it’s not how they be
The bloody farmer might be
A filthy smelly sod
But pigs are natural and very clean
And closer to their god

Cerridwen must take more care
For pigs get a raw deal
And this Dutch farmer
Clearly needs a wake up call
That’s real
Someone to bite his bollocks
And make sure that he feels
The need to be more caring
For what this now reveals

Is he’s a clear cut psychopath
And needs locking down
Put him in the gestation crate
We need to go to town
On this vile malicious arsehole
Who needs to feel just how
It is to be stuck fast in one
Like the sad old sow

And so some of her babies
Got cold when they were born
She couldn’t even turn to help them
She daren’t try to warn
And so the farmer
Takes a pail of water
Nice and hot
And pegs the piglets in their
By their little eats
He’s got
the compassion
Of a maggot
And the theory of a troll
He’s the vilest arse you’ve ever seen
Clearly without soul

Gestation crates are unwelcome
And His methods do preclude
Him from keeping animals
For his bloody ways are crude
And it’s all about his profit
His economic state
His bank balance his standing
As long as he is great
As regards the piglets
This introduction to
A world of life and living
One wonders what they do
The mother she will be beside herself
In torment and in pain
She loves her little babies
She heard their dire refrain
She saw what Mr farmer
Imagined was the way
Of saving them by harming them
Making babies pay

Of course if they get through this
And probably will not
It will be in their psyche
They will just be shot
Away with all this terror
It’s grotesque to ever be
So beholden to the bank
That you attest so abominably

It’s a simple act of a evil man
Clothes pegging ones ears so frail
So tender and so sensitive
And film them as you flail
Their spirit and their understanding
Of now where they are
And leave their tiny bodies
With this enormous scar

Sure the return is bigger
For everybody’s sake

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