The slaughterhouse experience if its the last one you have Hathor help you

Having eyes to see

having ears to hear

the slaughterhouse

suggests such fear

and the conscious ones

who feel great pain

as the blood of life

pours down the drain



the captive bolt

a final jolt

poorly done

it doesn’t stun

so again and again

life was in vain

shot through the  brain

as if insane



such abuse

we become obtuse

unable to be

aware a key

factor here

the added fear

and of course

the  bloody agony


hoisted aloft

on those rusty chains

we can feel death

now in our veins

they cut off our legs

and they slit our throat

but our eyes still see

what is of note


the wails of woe

as our comrades go

the hideousness

and the awful stress

the dread and awe

the blood and gore

the consternation

from the floor


the cowards below

caught in the flow

our life blood lost

how it has cost

the slaughterman

really how can

he just stand there

for he does know


clearly they have no love at all

a loathing perhaps

a malicious call

on nature to do this

offensive and sad

rancorous runts

revengeful and mad


my eyes still see the infamy

the spurned and rejected

in front of me

how I abhor

whats on the floor

the snot and gore

so bloody raw


inside I pray

that I see no more

if there is a hell

than its here for sure

these vindictive buggers

are the accursed

karmically they

will be reimbursed

Hathor will see to it

she will be

there when their end

comes wait and see





















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