The rare desert Elephant

The rare desert elephant

feels forlorn

in many cases wishes

he hadn’t been born


creating his tusks

have brought him down

attracted great evil

some have gone to town


on  and our harems

promising ill

they come with their guns

and their need to kill


humans are arrogant

owning us they

arrange trophy hunts

and make us pay


they come with their guns

they come with their dosh

they come with their evil

it just will not wash


with us or with some of you

that much we know

the trophy hunters

they just have to go


greasing the hands of the

of the arrogant class

the evil men sometimes

are allowed to pass


there is just no honour

in you lot no more

really  in essence

its like all out war


you sign your petitions

you sit on the fence

but reality

shows us it doesn’t make sense


the gun running shits

come and kill us so they

the  evil men then take

our big tusks away


its the black market

that’s killing us we

are sold off like slaves

it is pure infamy


avaaz has now taken the challenge

we hear

the environment minister

maybe can clear


these hunters so called

from the places where we

live yes we live so happily









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