power over the corporation

The state of the worlds equilibrium

has apparently deteriorated

corruption  is rife

as is world strife

and half the worlds



freedom to feel

has been cancelled

the need to conform

seems to me

those of us

thinking with reason

are seen as the



they are breeding nations of


they possess very similar views

its as if they are robots

programmed and left

no blood in their veins

only screws, nuts and bolts

chips and no feelings at all

the corporate line they emit

brain bathed in acid

with genetic food

and most of them talk

so much shit


The re birth of ISIS

the goddess proclaimed

morphed into  groups

who spotlight

shock tactics and lots of backers

with plenty of fires to ignite



thats at the heart

insidious really in fact

putting out real propaganda

and hopeful that  some  may react

enslavement and a strong allegiance

almost a conscription for they

are disciplined into rejecting

their birth rites and honour today


its getting behind the objections

fighting the fight for the good

being shackled to islam thereafter

and knowing that really you could


be brainwashed and go to your country

to fire bomb and all else it seems

to drug yourselves up to your eyeballs

and fill up the bulk of your dreams


with death comes the harem

to scarem

so many virgins to bed

the only problem

an explosive  thought

by then of course you are dead























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