Planned predation

Life is a challenge

of that there’s no doubt

all of the earthlings know what its about

the predators have to eat

the victims they know

they develop a sense



the weak and the old

and the injured will die

they will be sacrificed

never a  sigh

it is  the way  and the balance is there

the strong survive

for they are aware



Nature designed it this way

and we see

everything eats well

thats how it must be

the whole hierarchy

is  written in stone

on the plains in the desert

where great winds do moan



a predetermined number of predators


consigned to an area

thats where they star

all is connected

the levels are there

they eat when they are hungry

and remain aware



this is what makes life

complex and great

pre planned existence

each  knows that  fate

was predetermined

it had to be so

they live to a blueprint

of long long ago


the king is the  Lion

the majestic one, he

his kingdom was vast

it just had to be

but man the unkind one

the selfish one, he

has taken the Lion’s share

as we can all see



habitat loss is a key issue here

hunting out predators

leads onto fear

destruction of  environments

for mans own use

has led to a perilous

kind of abuse



its altered the balances

the layers are gone

predation from man

its been one great con

the planet is reeling

from what we have done

extinction is coming

now to everyone



we have to change

stop this madness and see

beyond the sick corporates

far out to sea

we have to realize profit and pain

have usurped our thinking

its one great brain drain


the forests have fallen

the deserts are many

the oceans are dying

are there now any

souls left around

who truthfully care

who live for each other

and just want to share


who don’t want to grab

everything for their lot

at the expense of the people

who had already got

who had worked for what they had

pure fertility

and soundness and abundance

that we could all see



the planned predation

was a system that mean’t

it was sad for the victims

but all were content

with a beautiful world

based on instinctive ways

that were balanced and perfect

and designed to raise


all of the profiles

alongside the whole

creating a world

never out of control






















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