Ohio’s date with shame

a general lack of understanding

where judgement went  awry

ignorance, its everywhere

and incapacity, but  why?


unwisdom, let me say

obscurantists sadly

making others pay


for their innate disinterest

in another’s  state of mind

autism isn’t known enough about

that is what we find

some are puerile in their thinking

and cruel in profound ways

for what is a  disablement

or an inconsistent phase


in development

is played down

and becomes our achilles heel

a weakness something to attack

doesn’t that reveal

a general lack of compassion

unsympathetic too

others who may not be

quite the same as you


rather than show some love and care

what we saw here was

the world wide ice bucket challenge

hijacked just because

a boy was an autistic boy

and so they thought it right

to fill the bucket up

with human waste

of course pure spite


and laugh their heads off

as the boy and his challenge

was under way

covered in feces and urine

and cigarette butts

they lay

their insolence upon him

their base inadequacy

their intolerance

their vindictiveness

so unmindful actually



no realization of the challenge

to this,  sweet young boy

just a cheap laugh for them all

bringing them some joy

unpitying and unconsoling

one has to question those

who gave no quarter and harmed a boy

really that just shows


the state of mind of so many

unable to believe

that everyone has a role to play

and to hurt them wont achieve

but they are so spiteful really

their foundation pretty poor

grudgeful and quite malevolent

they seem to ignore


the benevolence of helpfulness

the charity we share

and instead they persecute

the individual less aware

society is breaking down

this boy just one who tried

to enter the  normality

but of course  he was denied


they cruelly used the foulest trick

is recovery likely here?

can his autism counter

the general public’s fear

the lack of true emotion

a sameness everywhere

is equivalence a positive thing

is it likely is it fair?


how can we be all the same

is that congruent with life

indistinguishable from each other

building up more strife

did they feel superior

more privileged, did they?

did they want to hurt him

try to make him pay


make him feel inferior

say to him that they

could never accept  him as their equal

what did they want to say?

all unanswered questions

there are many out there now

suffering the vagaries

of what of why of how


their sort of disconnectedness

their unravelment of life

is it to be a manacle?

a continuance of strife


is this to be their future

or are we going to try

to respect each earthling living

on this planet till they die

or segregate and contemplate

that individuals do

remain a threat to the leadership

and as such be locked up to


prevent them ever being

independent to

a state of national privilege

that rules all that you do














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