Like parasitic worms they go underground


Its unspeakable stuff

but let’s shout it out

the heavens must hear it

just join in the rout


like parasitic worms they go


and into depravity

that’s what I’ve found


for the brain dead dumbed down

white coat clad

with their terrible schemes

they are completely mad



to imagine the public money spill

which has paid off, each and every  bill

such extreme torture

from a ghastly place

as vivisection moves on  a pace



enter each cat of the feline race

innocence  on every face

blameless puffed up balls of fun

angelic as the day is done


up steps the wicked cloven who

degenerate in front of you

heinousness these reprobates

will be waiting at the gates



till then in silence they perform

surgery no chloroform

no  anaesthetic not in sight

just agony for the cats to fight


vivisection, till they are, no more

just blood and guts

down on the floor

scull caps sawn off

to expose

a pulsating brain

now in the  throes


of  that ugly treatment

how they cry

sacred Bastet does listen

and will defy


all logic to create a place

to build upon each horrific case

electrodes, then implanted


the cap sewn back

just understand


how that procedure

draws on woe

on utter irreverence

from below



such an affront

to the feline tribe

an unlawful stunt


experimentation unlawfulness

of course it brings its share

of stress


an encroachment into sordid places

where wrongdoing is on all their faces

dental cement forced up their nose

onto their tongues

their saliva flows


with the bitterness and the hardened state

as everything seizes up at a rate

an impossible feeling

the agony there

unable to breathe

unable to share


terror builds quickly

inside their chest

and well I suppose you know

the rest


mouth sewn shut imagine that

the pain of so doing

where they are at

up in the head

just everywhere

the white coat clad

the masked despair



strokes induced

the pain they feel

tiny bodies

how they squeal


up to the heavens

and back again

riddled with

every type of pain


blood replaced with a saline drip

until they are dead

until they flip


into unconsciousness

out and beyond

the tax payers

have all been conned


out of their dollars

so brutes like these

can cut to the chase

and continue to squeeze


every last cent out of the poor

hundreds of thousands

and they still want more


think of the worst

and add some more

and that is what’s left

on the laboratory floor


gibbet and tumbrill

and halter and chair

from the dark ages

and all of its there


worked upon innocent felines

who they

stole from the pound

or bred far away


no one has pity

not any more

humanity trembles

on seeing the gore



relentlessly so

and the powers to be

most don’t want to know


they wear their dark shades

or they just turn away

and let little cats

just pass away


this remorseless number

of tragic sweet souls

lost to the world

they all had goals


of their own to achieve

but the white cladded mob

took their revenge

its was part of their job


we must search them out

where ever they be

in the bowels  in the cellars

in depravity


who have no regard

for the earthlings around

unloving,hard bitten

ruthless on the ground


bottled up anger

hatred and wrath

all their life

walking on the arrogant path


getting their way

cocky and brash

whilst the victims

lay quietly

ending up in the trash


like parasitic worms

they go underground

spreading their fear

in the  shit thats around


they ridicule anyone

making a stand

blackmailing the weak

and its now out of hand


everyone’s suffering

what can we do

lets believe in ourselves

lets believe





















4 comments on “Like parasitic worms they go underground

  1. Susan Lane on said:

    This is so good …

    • rex tyler DTM on said:

      glads you find it interesting and I think will be useful to help all those cats and dogs and other animals being tortured and killed in university laboratories all around the world but this poem was primarily about NY

    • rex tyler DTM on said:

      glad you find it interesting and I think will be useful to help all those cats and dogs and other animals being tortured and killed in university laboratories all around the world but this poem was primarily about NY

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    that was breathtaking, rex –

    you are very talented and captured the nightmare exactly

    thank you for sharing

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