another insensitive bitch

In many ways this crime

and it is indeed a crime

a women throws her pet dog

down a trash compactor


nothing less than a most

inhuman thing to ever do

and out of the end an animals crushed

almost flat,   a view


of just how vile someone can be

unconscious to it all

unseeing , unenlightened

unbriefed a bloody fool


so taciturn so ignorant

and worse still so unkind

so thoughtless to its agony

what goes on in the mind?


an insanity a morosis

a dullard in a sense

an emotional indifference

the only recompense


Anubis will be waiting

and will be making sure

that torturers and psychopaths

the gods do not ignore


the suffering must have been colossal

for that little mite

just thrown down a metal chute

mortified,    the shite


who thought it would be a good idea

good riddance to the freak

nobody, would ever know

the dog was far too meek


all its bits and pieces

they all went down too

thats the end of all of  that

my life can start anew



mean spirited and nasty

the women should be tried

and slung inside some bloody cell

she should not be denied


some solitary confinement

to recall what she has done

to an innocent dog who trusted her

and will never see the sun


never go for walkies

never see the sky

and as the authorities killed him

tears fell from his eye



the bitch though so uncaring

ready to wash her hands

just threw a friend into the chute

and started to make new plans


















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  1. Susan Lane on said:

    Wow …. EXCELLENT Rex!!!

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