disdainfulness apparent


as well

a small town shows its


directly from Hell

crowds of screaming people

line the streets and they

watch a bull  dragged mercilessly

bleeding all the way

children then with paint spray cans

are discharging them upon

this tortured dying animal


clearly gone

their little minds already

polluted  in a way

destroyed by Spain’s tradition

and exposed there now to pay

Hathor the great goddess

who is so very aware

she hears the snorting giant

in his moments of despair

she sees the blood a dripping

and the agony of death

she feels his pain right through

as he chokes to find some breath

covering him in paint

what a perversion what a vile

tradition if thats what it is

no one can reconcile

closed the face book page down

we should close the town

sack the mayor whoever he is

in the bulls blood let him drown

this is the most abject cruelty

and Spain deserves to be

treated like a pariah

for that is infamy








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