Taiji scumbags

They do what they do

in front of us all

where our cameras are pointed

and all can recall


the families of dolphins

butchered with ease

where pithing goes on

under tarps if you please


these vile and obnoxious young men think

that they

can take on the world and make all dolphins pay

for they are all heartless and as cold, and are shite

fishermen they are low life

its not right


getting away with this

calling the tune

calling it culture

it is high noon


high time these cretins realized


want an end to this evil

they do in the sea


the revulsion for wild life

their aversion is wrong

we have a loathing of them

which is strong


their contemptibility

and abomination

such malicious intent

on our true wild creation


vindictive creeps

unlovable sods

defiant bluster

we know the gods


are raising their heads

from the skies and they will

bring down such winds

and such waves that will kill


they have no humility

nothing at all

inglorious behaviour

they break every rule


such desperation

the dolphins cry

out for each other

as slowly they die


hopeless despair

these intelligent souls

gruesome and grotesque

exerting controls


a mournful display

of  suffering here

and  such tribulation

with torment and fear


Taiji a beauty spot

policed by those

carrying knives who

use them I suppose


threatening the guardians

that’s what they do

aggressive shits

who will injure you too


its not just the dolphins

its us to if we

threaten to show the world

just how they be


guilt they have none of it

blame they don’t care

transgression they hit out

they say its not fair


our misdemenour is stopping them they

accuse us of sins

saying we should all pay



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