Stop the Dolphin Slaughter

Converging on the embassy

those of us who try

to get home to the Japanese

Dolphins need not die


this pithing murdering torture

the fishermen put them through

bloodying up the cove of joy

as nobody ought to


blow upon those whistles

scream out for their lives

watch the rotten fishermen

with their rotten knives


carve into a baby

hear it cry and bleed

hear the roar of waves on shore

and know of the dastardly deed


the pod is going crazy

thrashing about like mad

mothers and fathers

and sisters

my word all this is sad


its tragic to see the mayhem

its awful to feel the pain

its terror the sheer terror

the peril of error



stop the slaughter

in the water

trauma contusion and more

they hang by a thread

many lay dead

look at the blood and gore


adversity its everywhere

bleakness and rigor

its all just got bigger

the cove is now full on despair


severe austere

just feel the fear

inflexible high handed guilt

so much duress

even more stress

enforcement now up to the hilt


martyrdom and tribulation

remorse now of course

and prostration

bleeding the sorrow

of perhaps no tomorrow

and inevitable desolation



outside the embassy


the megaphones whining away

smarting and sore

disgruntled for sure

for at the end of the day


there’s blood in the water

we’ve witnessed the slaughter

at Taiji the waters run red

all the dolphins we knew

ran through silver and blue

and now all were horribly dead


regret and such mortification

just an air of complete aggravation

heart ache and fatigue

and the growing league

hopelessness and irritation


angst you can cut it and feel it

crestfallen ready to share

unnerved by it all

the disconsolate wall

of wailing so many aware


repulsiveness gracefulness

defaced and lost

vulgar and squalid

what was the cost


a vital stampede

in the wake of it all

the true consternation

the stricken that fall


redoubtable numinous

our blood ran cold

such intimidation

perhaps  hundreds fold


Taiji let them be

Taiji set them free

Stop the Dolphin slaughter

Stop the Dolphins slaughter


feel the craven spirit

spiritless  faint hearted

unsoldierly unmartial

we wish it had never started



















from what was azure blue


Robert and Rex their megaphones

belting out the rant

Taiji set them free

listen to them  pant

 the dolphins bleeding

shaking all about

in ab


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