Premier Inn Glastonbury

They talk about location

but let me say to you

staff are so important

in everything we do

and for this hotel in Glastonbury

its instantly the thing

all the staff are wonderful

and to everyone they bring

a confidence and a feeling

that we will be safe here

a good nights sleep

in a clean hotel

where the people are sincere

and let me say the hotel rooms

are immaculate and clean

not a ounce of dust anywhere

thats not being mean

to other hotels I have been to

its just saying they

clean and run the hotel

in a really lovely way

Liam and Mark my goodness

assets to be sure

and the cleaning staff

they are wonderful

and happy a high score

for each of them

I have to say

they surpass

most others i

have visited around the world

and I guess I now know why

their training must be amazing

and their attitude is too

Premier Inn in Glastonbury

I really do love you






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