Ignorance in this case is never bliss

A mother has responsibilities

towards her child

and to hear she fed her daughter

on tape worm eggs


every ounce of reasoning

every single thought

she wanted to get her thinner

a conspirator of sort

duped her into thinking

her stomach was just pained

tricked her

it was treachery

as the poor girl strained

to relieve herself

of what she’d eaaten

the toilet bowl was full

of tapeworms wriggling monsters

completely unlawful

a mother

who gave birth to her

should stoop to this

sick way

of helping her daughter slim down

for a pageant so to say

a pill full up with tapeworm eggs

she let the girl ingest

this was so deceitful

and insidious at best

disingenuous behaviour

concealing such a ploy

with all that added drama

that the hospital might employ

a garrulous confession

what could the daughter say

her mother  clearly  off her head

and  she had had to pay

a price for so much ignorance

the pageant mattered not

her long term healthy future

at risk from what she’s got


a foulness and a rottenness

a sinister ordeal

its really was lamentable

that the mother did conceal

such a malefic wretchedness

perverted to be sure

a parasitic nightmare

and almost nothing more








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