human larcenists of furs for their personal vanity

the insentience and numbness

is prevalent today

in a group of selfish people

who make so many pay

the lethargy of being

the nonchalance they feel

cold hearted and unseeing

impassively unreal

unemotional and insensate

shameless to a tee

impervious to contemplate

how it all should be


the perception of another’s pain

the sensation of it all

the cruelty that stems from this

the emotion that’s on call

the responsiveness to sympathize

brushed aside and gone

for the vanity that’s out there

and shines its light upon


those clearly in the limelight

who believe themselves to be

attractive to the world at large

more so by the symphony

of anothers skin upon their backs

stolen some time before

trapped in some horrific trap

which left the blood and gore


the suffering so terrible

for each and every soul

who wandered into this ark place

and paid the vilest toll

enduring hours of torture

of anguish and purgatory

at the hands of the vile low life

who condemn them tragically


to a death that’s very painful

to the hopelessness of why

writhing in their tortured state

as they slowly die

doomed and disappointed

displeased and mortified

such distress and no redress

knowing we all lied


invidious and bothersome

provoking thoughts so deep

galling to a stranger

who can no longer sleep

maddening  and grievous

pathetic and extreme

bait for someone’s apparel

who can never hear their scream


and they screamed out very loudly

to the heavens they were sure

they were safe in their surroundings

the traps they did ignore

contraptions designed to stifle

to crush the bones and see

to protect the skin for profit

the fur trade so bloody


and there’s no regrets

to speak of

on the contrary we see

smiling models parading

in the spotlight avidly

dragging their fearful bodies

clad in the nightmares

blood dripping from their posture

and dirtying their affairs


larcenists that all they are

imagining that they

can take the skins off animals

who die along the way

whose families die presumably

waiting to be fed

whilst they are in the spotlight

the victims all are dead


the ugliness the unsightliness

the hideousness of it all

the gracelessness

the haggardness

it is too close to call

grotesque unaesthetic

vulgar gross and they

are repellant and just odious

enjoying the display


its never an enhancement

its coarseness every time

tawdriness unseemliness

incorrectness there’s no rhyme

or reason for this squalor

for poor judgement of this kind

people wrapped up in profit

whose eyes are clearly blind


craven hearted and spiritless

they have no stomach for

the pain they put the victims though

all that blood and gore

all the vile imagining

the sorrow that they felt

as the hammer or the levers

smashed down on them

and dealt


a humbling confusion

their spirits lost and low

their agony aforethought

and how it all did grow

and its was just for vanity

conceitedness and swank

an egotist a smarty boots

and blatantly so rank


all those airs and graces

bumptiousness and pride

narcissistic sel important

but nothing deep inside

insulting to the animals

injurious too

arrogant and presumptuous

in everything they do


a scant respect for life itself

neglectful of those poor

animals who have to die

part of the natural law

scurrilous  with disdain

they cheapen lower and degrade

trying to regain


to restore some of the decency

to hopefully justify

to exculpate the suffering

anyway to try

and detract from what they do

hags with bags

like fallen flags

reviled by many who


fight the animals corner

oppose those who commit

crimes against humanity

for where does it all sit

the fur trade is a bloody trade

those stores who sell it are

low life sick of judgement

and humanity they scar







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