a lack of respect

a lack of understanding

is called into mind for me

and true consideration

of just how it should be

we talk about other earthlings

each has it place on earth

its shouldn’t be a handbag

for it had far more worth

whoever created the designer

created the fox as well

if the fox was killed it mattered not

that is how I tell

the fortune of a wild soul

and don’t expect to see

it stuffed and cured and treated

it doesn’t feel right to me

a sort of creative embalming

thus  recreating a need

who would want to carry

a dead fox and indeed

made into a bag

its head boiled and re styled

its eyes  alluring gem stones

its permanency beguiled


a shawl perhaps to wrap around

a delicate old throat

to cover up the wrinkles

not something I would dote

its irreverence and ridicule

it puts us all to shame

despise this kind of artwork

to me its just profane


it inflames my inner admiration

for that little soul

knocked down by some speeding car

maybe out of control

I give my salutations

paying homage as I go

it should be laid to rest somewhere

possibly below

a heap of leaves

some sodden earth

somewhere quiet and calm

not paraded about on the arm

of some hag fit to  embalm


I know its a creation

some designer feels

what she does is beautiful

to me all it reveals

is a total lack of respect

for a wild creature

and to me

brings art and design into darkness

not the light where it could be


I will not see it in any other way

a feel the need

celebrate a precious life

wherever it may lead

creating insignificant items

from the body of a soul

and making it look younger

disrespects its role

and so I beg to not agree

with the transformation here

I am disenchanted by it

I guess that now is clear





it may have been a road kill

but then respect is due

to take its precious body

and create something new

for me I’m unimpressed by it

taxidermy yes

I just about accept that

but this I do confess

makes me feel uncomfortable

its kind of cavalier




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