The butchers of Taiji

We stand in line

with tears in our eyes

megaphones blazing

gas horns surprise

waking the dead

that’s what its about

the Dolphin’s in Taiji

too, I don’t doubt

if we shout loud enough

maybe, they will hear

and keep well away

when the small boats appear


with their vile poles and hammers

breaking the calm

sending them bonkers

and straight into harm

these insensitive goons

what would they know

brain dead already

their souls running low


their hearts really toxic

acidic as hell

murdering blackguards

fight through the swell

they have no humility

nothing at all

they couldn’t be humble

already they fall


into the darkness

hopelessly so

they couldn’t care less

they  don’t want to know


its all about money

and the bottom line

there isn’t a prophet amongst them

no sign

of life and reality

insolent sods

who don’t have a culture

and have  forgotten their gods


but the gods are aware

of them

and what they do

their shamelessness

and disrespect

and  are through

with the killing the maiming

the destruction they see

and if it doesn’t stop soon

where they will be


Is facing more mayhem

suffering too

storms and tsunami’s will rage

all day through

this evil must stop


the dolphin tribe say

they are beside themselves more


the butchers of Taiji

the slaughtering hounds

banging their pipes

and doing their rounds


their darkest antipathy

and detestation

the bad blood and bitterness

for the dolphin nation

we sob on the lines

outside the embassy

blood in the water

and the infamy


of course we get angry

the Japanese do

torture the babies

its pithing they do

stick their sharp rods

in the back of their spine

watch them shudder and shake

for that is the sign


that agony hits them

numbs them they cry

and bleed out together

just where they lie

under the tarp’s

the threats to us all

the evil the callousness

it does appal


its grim and forbidding

ugly and black

we watch how they grimace

all of this flack

disturbs us to see them

spilling their all

harrowed and bleeding

and trying to call


to each other

the death throes

shocking to hear

the fishermen deafened

really that’s clear

murdering savages

that’s all they are

ready  to slice open

and just to scar


The butchers of Taiji

blood thirsty gits

ill wishing


a bunch of shits

hostile and vengeful

ruthless they be

posing a threat to all

in the sea


Peter wrote his song

a ballad so clear

it rings out at night

the pangs we can hear

the dolphins are heavy

with sinew and brain

being slaughtered and tortured

again and again


we must stand in line

all hold hands and now say

enough is enough

this is the day

Japan has to listen

Japan has to see

and all of those working

in the embassy


you seem to lack conscience

your knavery shows

its all now skulduggery

and certain prose

but we are the warriors

we have come here

to make you see sense

and help to bring cheer


to the Dolphins the families

the children who die

those being captured

yes we know why

to sell to the Seaworld’s

and aqua parks who

torture the dolphins a bit like you do




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