The end came far too rapidly

so let the tenant pay

£17 was all it cost

£17 per day


that they showed great unfairness

let the tenant pay


and dust went everywhere

so what!  is all they said

victims lets produce more

of them

the piper must be fed



the niggardly rejection

of just a few more days

the robots are controlling

with their unfeeling ways


everybody bangs the drum

you either dance or cry

they make you fight your corner

no get out clause and why


collateral, is the answer

without it, all is  lost

flotsum in their sea of strife

and your health will bear the cost



victims are created

through no fault of their own

the corporate comes down hard  on them

like nothing they have  known


single family households

where special needs arise

are the greatest victims

which should be no surprise



the weak inherit what

not much

not in this day and age

if you can’t fight for every nail

your missing off their page


committee’s corporate shows of strength

will strangle you and leave

you painfully exposed to more

than you just might  believe


the end came rather rapidly

no worde just no more pay

£17 thats all it cost

£17 per day


for a ceiling that fell


and destroyed a life

and made

a mother and her son


and upon their shoulders laid


vast amounts of extra cost

in replacing all the pain

in living through the interlude

and failing once again



the corporate arm is stronger

they blaze with fire and they

are mean just for the sake of it

tight fisted all the way


niggardly begrudging

skinflints how they fleece

the victims  are not budging

there can be no release


unless you have the means to fight

your corner all the way

and then you’ll find

they heap on more

and more and more and may


all their different departments

they tie you up in knots

monopolistic grasping gits

adding to their pots


if you are a council tenant

they label you and you

are a victim of the Corporate State

so you do what you must do


be grateful for the tance

they offer you, just smile

bow down lick their stinking feet

and inside if it should rile


you forget your feelings

you are dealing with those who

sold their soul for their pension right

and they do what they have to do


create as many victims

and grind them down until

they accept the inhumane treatment

dolled out with consummate skill









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