Living in the forest

imagining  that he

has something ladies look upon

as magic



an arrogant narcissus

conceited, as hell

such bumptiousness

and self consequence

such vanity does spell


disaster for the feelings

for the loving that he needs

not one ounce of humility

his humanity recedes


he knows not of another’s feelings

he uses people, he

loves himself like no one else

that there can ever be


Shadows on  a sunlit path

boldly follow where

we walk perhaps

we rest perhaps

so  completely unaware


of their being

they are nauseous

rampantly they steal

hearts and minds

and bodies

and then try to conceal


they lope

the gait of  sullenness

their spleen and gall

on show

such wrathfulness apparent

so embittered

with a fullness that will grow


petulant and stroppy

tetchy even gruff

spiteful and  malignant

they take they break



I cannot bear to write this

for what he did I feel

he did it to someone whom, I love

someone with such appeal



someone who has been hurt before

a victim, in his eyes

enclosed in his dark aura

from within his loins

the lies


they appeared and rose

and  brutality

was evidenced for she

took his bile

and it did rile

so vile

so terribly



a vanquished soul demands

some hope

but this dark shadowy sod

only loves his own sad self

he his inflated god


within himself imagines

that she should bow and cry

and give herself to him

to do what he wishes

and why


for he is the great shadow

the dark one of the night

the haughty loping shadow

with the very nasty bite


he will startle

he will bully

unconsoling thats his gift

to watch his victims writhe in pain

and in their waters drift



the innocence was out there

the virgin once saw fit

to meet up with the shadow

to share his bountiful wit


his vindictiveness


no retribution  comes

one look from him

reminds the heart

his grimace

how it numbs



a shadow in the forest

a cottage in the dark

memories flood back and forth

and even sometimes park


in the conscious thus creating

regret and hatred where

once there was some chemistry

but the egotist was there


was working in the background

as a shadow in the mind

mirroring the emotion

hoping to unwind


the spring that caused the opening

the realisation he

could breach her inner core in fact

and discard her wickedly


my heart bleeds with emotion

and revulsion for the act

to send her to the clinic

how could she react


what was unforgivable


and wrong

unpardonable behaviour

in her world

it did not belong


for she is just so special

there’s no compensation for

someone caught up in all of  this

honourable and more


the ravishment of darkness

the colour of the seed

the unlawfulness of asking

as the savage heart does bleed


misbegotten was his motives

an illicit act  and she

must live with all those shadows

inside her constantly


the aura of his darkness

of his cruelty of his pain

vivid as she glimpses him

and her spirit starts to drain


this is what she has to undergo

and suffer  she

the trauma doesn’t go away

its deep inside of thee

and recalling those dark shadows

as often people do

brings it all back vividly

its a curse in fact in you


these people are a menace

to society at large

promising the earth

its like some camouflage

on the outside they

merge into the population they

are predators with ugly thoughts

and the innocence does pay


I cast my mind back

several years

before these people came

this women clearly beautiful

is still the very same

flower that blossomed surely

but for the vile dark force

she has the power to relinquish

and recreate  her course


shadows often intangible

an abstraction  even they

come and go play with the light

their sparseness you could say

they are insubstantiality 

a pointlessness lets say

a meaningless apparition

that doesn’t go away


bodiless,and  etherial but

able to create

a vapour in ones aura

a circumstance a fate

time must be the healer

and love goes a long way

to heal the scarring element

and soften and just play


a part towards this happening

to reinforce the power

to energise

and  activate

and to stimulate

for how

can anyone escape these clutches

and feel blissful too

ready to get on with life again

joyful and true


with someone whose supportive

who cares, who feels, who needs

who shares, who spares

who dares, who fares

and sometimes even bleeds

one has to endure

some, adversity

but having some one

close to them

will help effectively


shadowy and fearful

dressed in their purity

they go about just capturing

others frightfully

harming and intimidating

others in their quest

to control the soul

and exact the role

of the master

and to test


its sad to say

the message here

is one of thought and prose

for the narcissist

is a nasty bit of work

with  his blatant pose


he will capture hearts

for certain and will spit out those

he feels

are too powerful for his exploits

in reality he steals

their souls this shadowy creature

this loping liar who

who is insolent and lofty

and a fraud all his life through












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