Fcuk off

A crescendo of emotions

is often followed by

a profound thought

a plunging

a bottomless pit

and why?


why? because expletives

of such a  dramatic kind

can draw one into battle

and leave the soul behind


it tests a  love to greater depths

than any other can

but its navigable, it really is

when I am your  life long fan


though I’ve  sunk to depths that no man

has ever sunk before

and  you can  raise my consciousness

to any kind of shore

into the sky for certain

atop the highest tree

through the densest forest

when I am in sight of  thee



F off

there’s is no reason

a soul must walk alone

embittered with a broken heart

having lost all tone

having lost emotion

having lost it all

consigned to really sleepless nights

and going up the wall


I urge you to remember

the magician loves you so

the world is full of dangerous paths

and I know where to go

the world is full of psychopaths

and I attest that I

can spot the bastards anywhere

and that darling is no lie


and so I want to always

be your soul mate and your friend

and only  one thing ever

can truly see this end

but even thinking on that note

the music  will still play

we have so much in common

and there’s nothing more to say






























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