Dr Sepai

In all the world, I have to say

the doctor that I met today

has no equal

none at all

here’s a man so on the ball

so geared up

yet so laid back

a listener

and can he pack

his knowledge

into a few words

and me  away

with the wild birds

his healing gifts

are countless

a panacea for

every problem that ever was

knocking on one’s door

so affable so thoughtful

and caring to a tee

his bedside manner


nobody could be



as kind really

and as generous

and his knowledge sparkles through

he is everything you could ever want

in a doctor

that’s my view



he listens, smiles and you just feel

perfectly at ease

he will gently feel your legs may be

or even rub your knees

but his softly softly manipulation

is clearly born from care

Dr Sepai Markyate

Its so good that you are there



nothing is too much trouble

what he gives is care

you feel a love just emanating

swirling around your chair

this profound sincerity

unique one has to say

you know this man is ethical

you feel it in every way


he is really very giving

his accountability

can never be  questioned

for his morals  glow

and all of that is key


he’s a  conscientious character

as anyone would know


quietly spoken

just unique

and part of the natural flow


virtuous for certain and  inescapably supreme

principled and observing

more than most would seem

homeopathic wisdom

conjured from his soul

a privilege to know him

and to share his healing role


I came out of his surgery

a better man than when

I went in I felt healed in fact

of all the doctor men

I have been forced to listen to

this man clearly was

the best compared to all the rest

really just because


he is what everyone would expect

from such a man and he

has made my day he really has

and I thank him lovingly







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