Chained up for a decade

10 years of it

such torture

despite the plea’s

they still chained this poor soul up

each day

ticks and lice and flea’s

she never got a blankey

she never had a toy

they urinated on her from the porch

seemingly to enjoy

making her feel real awful

smelling of their wee

how humans can sink quite this low

it bloody worries me



downhuillthey found her in the frozen mud

be rear legs all but spent

arthritic and so painful

really how she went

downhill fast believe me

the human tribe can be

ungenerous and uncharitable

and unforgivingly

test the canine spirit

break the canine heart

this poor birch was  injured

really from the start

and then for ten years she was

not given a chance

despite the enighbours

phoning places

no one gave a glance

and she just suffered terribly

how she went on who

can really say

till rescue came

on a real cold day

animal advocates

did this saved her in the end

renamed her Judith for Judas

could never be a friend

Mike and Alissa took her on

loved her and gave her time

18 months of boundless joy

and the reason for this rhyme

on one hand malevolent humans

on the other angels who

tried to right the wrongs


the wrongs that they did do

what became of the owners

who carried out this pain

I don’t know

all I hope now

is Anubis will come to be

the god will chase them for all time

and through eternity







really how she we






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