Baltimore Maryland and the dog Nala

A pet dog lost

and found by police

its reward

was a sick release

one held it down

and one cut its throat

shouting expletives

its worthy of note

what had theat dog done

to justify this

it just had got lost

its owners would miss

having the pet

and what do they do

slaughter it

and watch it die

good and true

and then what happens

the officers they

one gets suspended

yea on full pay

the police force are clearly

lost too and they

need heaps of compassion

for we’ve reached a day

where empathy clearly

has gone from the force

murdering dogs is a matter of course

slitting their throats

and watching them die

hearing their agony

and wondering why

these officers

are clearly unfit to serve

sack them and charge them

clearly the curve

of such criminality

sinks on this lot

and truthfully

to me anyway

there is rot


a rotten streak

and it goes everywhere

whoever passed sentence

also does share

evil intent

thats if you ask me

no animals lost

should ever be

held down

and have its throat slit

and then die

screaming in pain

the question is why

insanity clearly has

lodged everywhere

society sees the police


the extent of this crime

on a pet dog to me

is heinous and so wrong

and just cannot be





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