toddlers deserve care

the cape of no hope

and a tenuous end

littered with risk

that’s beginning to send

doctors and others

down slippery slopes

minds eyes are blinking

as are long term hopes


the drugs they are using

are serious, they

have terrible side effects

whose going to pay

for this what I call evil

for what else can one say

giving these drugs

and walking away

ADHD a new kid on the block

2 to 3 year old’s

it came as a shock

to me to hear

medicine  triumphs


by filling our infants

with toxic decay


these are vile medicines

untested on

children below 6

someone has gone

down a dark road

and discovered a swamp

10,000 toddlers

that’s more than a romp

into vileness and horror

that’s tragic to say

what could be the outcome

and whose going to pay


I sit here with knowledge

of drugs and abuse

Ritalin Adderal

to introduce

these untested substances

into our souls

is a condemnation

who are the trolls

for clearly their minds

have been so shot away

they have lost the real purpose

of childhood today

their weak immunity

how can they cope

with such dark despair

at the end of a rope

were the parents aware

if they were why would they

allow this to happen

their children to pay

a price that may have such far reaching


the repercussions could spread

and proceed without checks

these are toddlers for goodness sake

lost in a world

where malfeasance

has surfaced

where vile drugs are hurled

at the innocent children

to determine their wrath

for me its the work

of the sick psychopath


10,000 toddlers

the outcome could be

unbelievable terror

it is truthfully

a predicament really

an impediment for

a quandary in fact

outside the law

an onerous burden

of dubious minds

who watch  and who wait

for the positive signs

my feeling is they will not come

and we will see

the opposite sadly

that’s how it will be








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