The case for shutting down Zoo’s and sea parks

there is no conviction just listen

an undercurrent may be so

but no real response to the

need now to close

these prisons as most people know


citing the loss of the habitat

as a reason for prison to be

extended till all we have left

really is

the the prisoners

that we can see


the forest of course we are clearing

the mountains flattening so

we can take the minerals

and make our cell phones

and chips so that profits can grow


Oceans filled with radiation

plastic bags hooks nets and waste

this is the reason they tell us that they

really must have seaworlds taste


of the ocean to compliment study

conservation is their thing

having these cash cows to stomp up their margins

that’s really what it does bring


a huge pot of gold for the


the balance sheet looking a treat

its all egoism

and self preservation

just for the bloody elite


acquisitiveness and possessiveness

that is what its all about

talking up the conservation

of that sadly I am in doubt


Its money and money and money

if profit thats what its about

they steal the wild creatures

exploit them to hell

really it one awful rout





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