Feeding the Lions and Tigers in China

We could call the zoo’s Diablo

for the devil runs amok

inside them all

live animals can be purchased

does that suck!

and then fed to the Lions

to see them torn apart

limb from limb in agony

where the hells their heart!


this is truly wickedness an immorality

the people have degenerated far

below they be

at the abyss levels

their shamelessness explains

where they are and why they are

and my god it really pains

me to see this happening

goats and sheep are bought

for $40

and thrown into the enclosure

where they are caught


and  ripped apart by hungry Tigers

torn in half and bleeding out

steeped in vice beyond the pale so sinful

there’s no doubt

such heinous acts must sicken

all who truly feel

how the zoo can demonstrate such cruelty

and zeal

why are they so insensitive

to the ungulates  and why

do feeling loving animals

really have to die

to my mind its a sick and horrific message

thrown out to the crowd as if to say

give us your $40 you can buy a sweet live animal

and feed it to the lions there right away

and this a zoo, a place for all wild animals

the ungulates are bait thats the idea

to me its worse than awful

supposing you are a goat

they must honestly live in abject fear


animals do  sense the conflagration

they have a feeling  something s in the air

for zoo keepers to feed them to the big cats

to my mind it is just so  damned unfair







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