There is no animal anywhere

that wants to participate

doing tricks and dressing up

how can that be great


it condemns a soul to misery

its a punishment in fact

convicted just for being

and they just cannot react


in any way unfavourably

for to do this then their path

is laden down with agony

and what is purely wrath


trainers really torturing

unthinking foul mouthed slobs

they know how to cause an animal pain

unrelenting yobs


they castigate and infuriate

its a flogging that they get

pilloried for nothing

so few of them are let


out to roam and feel the soft grass

on their painful feet

they are beaten with long poles

that cut

and painfully unseat


the soul urge from the body

everything they do

is shouted down and

given the devil treatment too


the gods must spring to action

anubis and his team

the devil spawn is everywhere

there is no time to dream


their roots a torn from under them

their families lost and gone

their memories are beaten off

for they are now upon


the mortal coil to entertain

the gormless and the louts

the so called circus goers

who come from roundabouts


for the burgers and the onions

for the excitement of the ring

but cut through all that decor

its horror that they bring



the animals are tortured

their lives committed to

moving now from town to town

that what circuses do


its chained up in the field closeby

or chained up in a truck

fed on rancid food sometimes

circus life does suck




its easier to give up

do what they make you do

at least you don’t get bull hooked

by, one of the crew


beaten scratched or kicked

the torture happens every day

you really cannot beat the charge

or ever get away


their faces bear such sadness

their bodies racked with pain

their feet are often swollen

from standing in the rain


their legs are sore from being beaten

its hell on earth and they

do whatever they are expected

or else they know they pay


its really pandemonium

an abyss of no return

walking through fire hoops

really does concern


wild animals for fire demands

a factor of great fear

so standing with fire all around

really it is clear


elephants don’t like this

they just go insane

they roll their heads from side to side

and experience such pain


a madness does prevail for them

automatons they become

doing what they have to

until their souls are numb


circus is an evil place

where animals must try

to entertain the punters

when all the time they cry


the excitement that is generated

its cruelty personified

and surely we must call out loudly

there’s no where to hide


anubis we must countenance

a spirit to acclaim

a glorification of  tenderness

for they are never the same


protection is the light that spills

onto them when they

are falling down and wondering

why they have to pay


this is what now happens

broken listless souls

who go from day to day in pain

taking on their roles


taking hits from trainers

suffering so much

for  circus life is ugly

and so so out of touch


this never is reality

and we who turn up we

must realize the anger and the frustration

that we see


for cruelty is everywhere

its a dark place and we should

boycott circuses everywhere

for surely now that would


be the only course of action left








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