Canned hunters

The wild one’s are now up against it

canned hunting pays for the few

a great money spinner for farmers

reality shows how they screw

every last drop from the creatures

born to be wild and be free

but exploited to death by the hunters so called

and now women too

which for me


is just something

I hate to see now

Females  are life giving


 create and they share

with the unaware

destruction and death

and they pay



unaware of the whole microcosm

unaware  of the biosphere

an error of judgement

that bubbles inside them

and possibly now spreads

such fear

it is such a sad aberration

a wayward defiant desire

to forgo creation

and find new salvation

in stoking the animals fire


I feel awkward recounting such


the unravelling  of the knot that binds

the compassion and will of the mother

that blots out those hearts and those minds


the guarantee comes with the territory

whatever you pay for you get

Elephant Rhino Giraffe Babboon

the rules of the hunt are all set

the animals bred to be shot at

the animals bred to be killed

this is a business of assassination

and now so much bloods being spilled


and its not just by men

there’s now women

forfeiting  femininity

posing with cats on their shoulders

pitiless conformity


excited by the intoxication

the headiness now of the kill

so impervious to the victim

imagining it was their skill

it evoked in them something extraordinary

when actually all that it did

was kill off another sweet precious soul

who truthfully had made its bid

to be left alone in the forest

to be living with its family

not shot and becoming a trophy

for only more hunters to see


the courage all comes from the victim

whose basically trapped in a place

fenced in and really there’s no where to go

there really isn’t any chase

its you pay your money

and you kill and soul

the tables have changed

we are now in control

a women with a leopard draped over

her shoulders

sickens me right to the core

humanity weakens because of this too

a factor now not to ignore


and they show no remorse

for the loss of a life

its all smiles and high fives

and the rest

video’s proclaiming the courage

was all

the hunters

I have to divest










and leaves as sad as can be

that women stoop into the blood lust

and pain

and draw off the adversity

Leopards Babboons they are targets

to kill

lower priced hunts

producing the thrill






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