Anubis cometh sooner than some think

Left hanging in a fig tree

in the sunshine, we

are witness to a killing

the pitiless end we see


the severity and callousness

to do such a deed and feel

confident to leave the dog

and its agony reveal


who could do  this horror

and just walk away

mingle with the faceless others

where is he today?


sitting in a restaurant

standing on a train

delivering your pizza

this poor dog’s life in vain


imagine as its loyalty

was tested and it knew

it gave its heart and then its breath

everything it threw


as it lost its life it faltered

it struggled at the end

knowing it was murdered

by who it thought was its human friend


Anubis had been crouching

in the shadows for a while

would have heard its cries of anguish

and that was bound to rile


the choking the eyes popping

the last gasps it would feel

and transfer the malediction

to the murderer for real


he may think he’s got away with it

but Anubis knows and he

will seek him out and haunt him

for all eternity


a German Shepherd died its true

but its soul will come again

and the murderer will be driven

into the insane

his sleep will  be interrupted

yelping he will hear

the blood lust and the choking

this is what he will fear


there is no end to the torture

its coming for him he

will suffer how he will suffer

and all internally

his windpipe will be twisted

his sternum will be cracked

his stomach will be pole axed

and how will he react


a coward will cry out terribly

but no one near will hear

his torture is forever

as is his eternal fear





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