Who’d want to be a chicken working for TYSON FOODS

Its brutal Tyson invented it

they,sped up my life

so they

could make more profit

thats their business

profits all the way


us chickens do not have a say

about our share of life

its based on corporate profit

imagine that, such strife


of knowing why you are given life

to grow like fracking mad

anti biotics, hormones

yea it makes us sad


we have to be top heavy

all breast

and legs so weak

we dont get chance to chatter dream

or even seek

its peck and eat and drink and shit

and just get bloody fat

tyson wants us on the hook

what do you think of that?


its all about cheap prices

and we’re a commodity

hooked up to the guillotine

that’s where we have to be


we have to raise the margin

thats  our vision we

are brutalized and sacrificed

with such severity


no chance to get to know each other

no love life for me

discipline is rigid

its about austerity


its about absolutism

coercion all the way

who would be a chicken

not me I have to say


if I get another chance

to come back

I will say

can I be a  another creature

living far away


possiby a Komodo dragon

at least I  would n’t be

having to sit in a shitty cage

for 2 weeks out of 3






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